About UkBetGuide

Welcome to www.ukbetguide.com

In year 2007 we started our service in local magazine in United Kingdom by providing prediction services in soccer

Having been involved in sports betting for a number of years, the company wanted to be 100% confident in our ability to
make a profit before we built this website so we set up an extensive research program. We developed a set of criteria
and analyzed data from matches throughout the major Soccer Leagues around the world. After hours of number
crunching, odds analysis and calculations, it became clear that there was a common set of outcomes. It was relatively
simple, albeit time consuming to review all the data.

Successful soccer tipping requires knowledge, a strategy, lots of patience, and most importantly a great service provider
with a proven track record. Our objective is to provide consistently accurate and profitable betting tips to our clients
worldwide. We treat soccer betting as a careful and disciplined investment. Our winning model does not depend on a
single match but rather focusing on a long term investment strategy to turn soccer betting into a secondary income.

What we have secretly developed over these years, is an extremely reliable way to profit on a daily basis and we have
worked very hard to make the use of the strategies we apply are easy to use for everybody, no matter their previous
football betting experience, from casual punters to high rollers.